thali 1 Testimonials
Amazing Yakhni .. so flavorful & authentic. Definitely going for seconds! Bhavna was so personable & friendly. Can’t wait to try other dishes as well.

Sara M.

I ordered Monje Anchar from Bhavana ji. It just tastes how my grand Mom used to make. I highly recommend, to try this authentic Kashmiri Pickle.

Arvin Mattoo

THANK YOU Nyenya Batta for all your incredible efforts at the Warriors For Empowerment Fundraiser Extravaganza! It was an unforgettable evening. Truly authentic and delicious Kashmiri cuisine from Nyenya Batta brought that magic and culinary heritage that we are so proud of. Everyone enjoyed the dishes, warmth and love from your team. Looking forward to our next event with you!
Great value · Delicious food · Experienced chefs · Professional staff · Good for parties · Creative cuisine

Sugam Tiku

The food is excellent and is authentic kashmiri cuisine. We recently bought manja achar and it is something you wish you could make,but can’t for whatever reason. She has catered to lots of parties,businesses etc….. and I heard nothing, but rave reviews. I enthusiastically recommend Nyenya-Batta for authentic Kashmiri cuisine, as well as other dishes. Bavanaji is a complete professional.

Renu Razdan Peer

Bhavana and her team did an Amazing Job. Everything was to perfection from the setting up till the finish. The crew was absolutely outstanding – the Bartender did an amazing job. The NB Guys Rocked the party with the Live Grill / Tandoor – which was most appreciated by all I must say – AN ABSOLUTE DELIGHT to have you guys Cater to our party.

Amit Guha

NB recently catered to an event at my home for a few close Acquaintances. The owner Bhavana did a terrific job. Every dish was fresh and delicious. The Non veg items were just like back home. The veg items were delicious and authentic. My guests were pleased and we were even able to have them take some home. I received compliments from all guests. The help sent over was professional and made the event easy. Keep up the good work NB team
Personalised menus · Great value · Delicious food

Deepak Ganju

Follow up – just had NB back again, this time the Dum Aloo and Rogan Josh were predictably the stars of the show. The Dum Aloo is exquisite. NB also excels with the biryani/raita combo. Fantastic all around. Dreamy food. Thank you! Last October, Nyenya-Batta catered a party for my family, and the food was wonderful! Bhavana was consistently professional (on time, excellent communication) and provided us the best possible food and service. Thank you!

Dyuti Ganjoo

Excellent food! Professional catering.
A blessing to have Bhavna!

Anjali Dhar

Feeling Happy!! Thank you Bhavana, I always wished that if we ever find some one who one can really do justice to our authentic real kashmiri food, the richness and the taste. We finally found one. Thank you Bhavana for being pleasant and patient and professinal. The food was so delicious. The doorbell rang exactly delivery time given by you. Wish you all the best. I am going to take break now from cooking kashmiri food for a while.

Pushpa Saraf

I ordered for a company dinner, after a long Sunday session and Dinner was amazing! Rave reviews all around. I don’t really even like prawns, yet I couldn’t stop eating these. I was fortunate enough to take home some leftovers to share with my family. The girls and I had delicious for breakfast. My 7 year old took a little yogurt with hers for spice, and my 10 year old enthusiastically ate eggplant (not usually her favorite) and they both loved everything I’m really so impressed! And people were raving to me all evening- it was a lot of praise for me to absorb all on my own. Among the best meals I have ever had. Truly. My favorites were the chicken, kohlrabi, eggplant and apple, and the prawns. And the chutneys and…

Chandra Peterson

We had Bhavna cater to our party for over 50 people. What a spread. Right from Nadur monj to the Roganjosh to yakhni and the dumaloo to maunj haak and chaman was outstanding. The dishes were cooked to flavor in the most traditional Kashmiri way. My father in law who has very strong Kashmiri tastes cannot stop talking about how the food tasted traditional, authentic & Kashmiri in every way. Thanks Bhavna for preserving the taste of Kashmiri food as part of our cultural heritage

Neel Dhar

Wow, its an art rather than food. the dish is called Kabargah, Ribs of young goat, cooked in milk and spices then fried in ghee. The key is to have them fork tender with the boiling and crispy and juicy with the frying. Bhavana has done this to perfection. Another dish was Yakhni, it was again soft juicy mutton in green curry, I liked it better than Rogan Josh. Apart from this there was a dish made from lotus stem, tasted great, almost like a chinese dish with sweet sour taste. All this with old hindi songs and lots of love & fine wine. Highly recommended.

Rajat Goel

Was pleasantly surprised at the quality and authenticity of typical Kashmiri dishes. BHavana, the chef is very open to constructive criticism and will accommodate and make small changes as per your taste buds. Very impressed and finally relieved that there is someone to fall back on for Kashmiri food. I highly recommend them without reservations!

Nalini Bhat

The first ever truly authentic Kashmiri food I have had in my 13 years abroad! The food here was just like the food I’ve had growing up in Delhi – except restaurant quality. It has made me so happy, given years of ordering dum aloo and rogan josh at restaurants, only to find no trace of Kashmiri cooking in the meal. I ordered Dum Aloo, Rajma, Chaman (yellow paneer), and mats gan . Everything was authentic and delicious . I couldn’t find fault in this food, and I am not an easy judge of Kashmiri food. Thank you so much, Bhavana!

Rudra Z.

Got the best compliments on your dishes! Each and every dish was outstanding! I haven’t had a better gogj-rajma for ages!! Thank you.  

Sanjay sadhu

We had the best experience with Bhavana. The food was delicious and exotic- perfectly prepared to our taste requests. Bhavana and her team were extremely attentive, professional and pleasant through the entire event. From set-up to clean up everything was taken care off. We are extremely happy with whole experience and will highly recommend Bhavana and her team for catering for house parties or any other events!

Shruti Shastry

Another successful event catered lovingly and efficiently by Nyenya Batta. The care that was taken in helping us decide the appropriate menu to the execution on the day of the event, everything was stamped with professionalism and utmost care to each and every detail. Bhavna and her team made their way to many a heart through their delicious starters and main course. The food was delicious and served hot and in time. The list of impressed guests and people lining up for seconds and thirds was testimony to the great food that we now see as a hallmark of Nyenya Batta. Thank you Bhavna and your wonderful team, could not have pulled it off without you.
Experienced chefs · Personalised menus · Good for parties · Great value

Arti Raina-Bambroo

Bhavana”s cooking is absolutely delicious ! She is extremely professional , great prices abd everything else in between.

Dinize Wales

Outstandingly delicious home cooked food with outstanding customer service. We had such a delightful experience and the food was a big hit amongst our guests. You and your team do a fantastic job in cooking a delicious meal.

Gauri Khanna

All the options listed here apply to Nyenya-Batta. Can’t pick one or two. Everything about them is exceptional.

Nalini Raina

Nyenya-batta is simply outstanding. Bhawana delivered authentic Kashmiri Roth and Nadir-Monj at my work (Intel Santa Clara) for our get-together of KP’s@intel. She had really put her heart into preparing which was evident in the taste and crispiness. I requested only for Roth but got Nadir Monj as bonus on her own as she wanted to support the event to keep the community together even more than I do. Everybody loved a rare tasting of these authentic items.

Vijay Dhar

First time getting excellent home cooked Kashmiri Hindu food delivered at home!! It is not only food which makes your mouth water but the pleasant and friendly nature of the Chef. She has open mind to any suggestions given to her and ready to make changes according to individual taste. Where can you get such personal service!! I wish Nyenya-Batta all the best and am sure it will keep on flourishing. Keep up the good work.

Sushma Kaul

Authentic and absolutely delicious!

Jaya Singh

Nyenya Batta brought authenticity of Kashmir to our home today on Valentine’s Day and made it a very special day for us. Thanks Bhavana and team, great food !!! Can’t believe that we can enjoy authentic taste of Kashmir in Bay Area brought to our homes. Keep up the good work !!!

Ravi Bhat

It is my first authentic Kashmiri cuisine experience. Awesome and I crave for more!!

Vani Rajasagi

It’s amazing food. I didn’t really know Kashmiri lamb dishes- Rogan Josh with the traditional and authentic mustard oil and Kashmiri chili and the meat falling off the bone- it was unlike any other I have ever eaten. Five stars for cooking with passion, using great ingredients and conjuring an amazing treat for the eyes, nose and taste buds. Keep your eyes on this- the force awakens !!!

Sekhar Reddy

I am the real, consistent customer…… I vouch for this food, very very awesome.

Rajiv Pratap

With websites offering chef prepared meal delivery services, the Bay Area is experiencing a sudden surge in regional Indian cuisine- going much beyond what you might find in a typical restaurant (the tikka masalas and the tandoori what-nots). I encourage those looking to expand their palate to give Bhavana’s Kashmiri food a taste. It’s vastly different from Indian food you may have tried thus far. Rich, deeply flavorful meats take center stage alongside sumptuous vegetables, all cooked in spices specially flown in from Kashmir. She also offers a large variety of finger foods: perfect for a large gathering. Good luck and a shoutout to this local business.

Lakshmi Narasimhan

loved the pickle… and the kebabs were good too… best of luck

Prachi Kuchroo

We ordered food for fifty people on short notice (Saturday for a Tuesday event). The food was excellent and tasty. Plenty of food for everybody. She accommodated our requests for spice level and the food was just perfect and everybody loved it. Thank you!

Elena Pragin

We ordered almost everything on the menu for a catered dinner. It was all delicious! Real, home-cooked, heart-warming food. The rogan josh (goat meat) was tender and well-spiced and the nadur yakkni (lotus root in fennel curry) was flavorful with some snap and the monje haakh (kohlrabi bulbs and greens) was bright. The gaard (fish) was gobbled up quickly. Thank you for such a delightful meal!

Lala L.