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The Most Authentic Kashmiri Food

We deliver the real taste of authentic Kashmiri food to your doorstep. We ship across North America – our food can be at your dinner table in 2-3 days. We offer full-service catering across the San Francisco Bay Area. You can attend your own celebration like a guest! We will transform your special events with authentic Kashmiri experience.

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Kashmir's tradition on your plate

Kashmir, the crown of India, does not just boast of stunning landscapes and natural beauty, it is also famous for its eclectic cuisine. Kashmiri Pandit food is a beautiful mix of vibrant colors and flavors, and the cornerstone of its rich cultural heritage.

Inspired by Persian cuisine, the flavors of Kashmiri food are heavenly! Kashmiri food is unlike any other Indian cuisine. It is a unique – we do not make use of garlic, onions, and tomatoes. It boasts of splendid meat dishes infused with the warmth of authentic Kashmiri spices, herbs, and mustard oil.

Lamb, goat and fish take center stage and there are many mouth-watering vegetarian dishes that will awaken all your taste buds.

We bring this extraordinary culinary experience to your home and your dinner table. We deliver the real taste of Kashmir at your doorstep. Let our catering team handle your special events and celebrations for an authentic, rich and flavorful Kashmiri experience.

We take pride in recreating the magic of the authentic Kashmiri flavors, just like your Grandma did.

Our Chef de Cuisine (Waza in Kashmiri) Bhavana Challu grew up in Srinagar experiencing the vibrant flavors of Roganjosh (lamb curry), Kabargah (fried lamb ribs), Nyenya Yakhni (Lamb Yakhni with yogurt), and many more authentic Kashmiri delicacies.

Colloquially called Batta (Kashmiri for rice), each meal was laced with flavors, love, and Kashmiri pride. Bhavana nostalgically reminisces the incredible food dished out at picnics at Nishat Bagh, and eating hot kababs, and lotus root fritters near Dal Lake during cold winter evenings. 

Bhavana’s mission is to recreate the magic of eclectic food for everyone keeping the culinary heritage alive and to introduce non-Kashmiris to this delectable, one-of-a-kind cuisine.

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